Hosting Solutions & Library Consulting (HSLC) believes strong libraries make strong communities.  We are driven by our mission to contribute to the success of libraries by delivering sound technical solutions and expansive consulting services.

As a nonprofit, we understand your mission and the unique challenges libraries face.  Our team of library and technology professionals works to strengthen your library using proven evaluation and assessment methods and cutting-edge technology solutions, along with recommendations based on current national trends and best practices. 

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  • A Little Recognition Can Go a Long Way!

    A Little Recognition Can Go a Long Way!

    “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ~ Aesop For many libraries in Pennsylvania, and indeed around the country, volunteers are the lifeblood of our organizations.  They are our community of tireless, unpaid, dedicated workers that make much of the daily work we do possible.  They fulfil many of the roles…

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  • Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Library Services Bus

    Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Library Services Bus

    “Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities.” – R. David Lankes, Director of the School of Library & Information Science, University of South Carolina “If you build it, he will come.” Any person of a certain age will recognize this quote from “Field of Dreams” (1989) starring Kevin Costner. His…

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  • Building on a Legacy

    Building on a Legacy

    As we close in on the end of Black History month, which honors the remarkable achievements of African Americans, let’s pause to recognize the impact of just a few Black technology pioneers: Garrett Morgan, Marie Van Brittan Brown, James E. West, Frank S. Greene, Dr. Mark E. Dean, Dr. Shirley Jackson, Otis Boykin and Gladys…

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