Group Purchasing Program

HSLC is committed to helping Pennsylvania libraries maximize local funding for library-related products and services. As part of this commitment, HSLC offers a Group Purchasing Program (GPP) for Access Pennsylvania/POWER Library participants* that will provide substantial discounts for products and services purchased with local (not State) funds. Under the Group Purchasing Program interested participants work directly with the selected vendors for ordering, activation, billing, support, and the acquisition of training materials.

Eligibility for the initial discount pricing and subsequent renewals will be based on HSLC’s annual confirmation to the vendor that Access Pennsylvania/POWER Library participation continues.

* A participant is defined as having paid the Technical Support Fee for the participants’ current fiscal year.

POWER Library Participants: Suggest a Product for Group Purchasing 


Discount programs are currently available with: 


If you are an Access Pennsylvania participant interested in learning more about offers from a vendor, please select a vendor from the list above.

Other sources for great pricing on products and services.

For vendors:

If you are a vendor interested in participating, please contact Maryam Phillips, HSLC Executive Director.

If you need to confirm if an institution is an Access Pennsylvania participant, please use the Access Pennsylvania Participant Directory.

If you are interested in becoming an Access Pennsylvania participant, please contact HSLC Support at support@hslc.org.