Welcome to HSLC!

These days I tend to view everything as Pre-pandemic and Post-pandemic, and I am sure I am not alone in doing so.  While we have not totally recovered from COVID-19, its severity has lessened to a point that we can begin to consider the lessons we learned by experiencing it. This is especially important for me as I celebrate my ten-year anniversary with Hosting Solutions and Library Consulting.

For me, the pandemic showed us that we have the ability to draw on strengths we didn’t know we had, which enabled us to care for, help and support each other in many ways both personally and professionally.  It also required us to recognize what is truly important, and what is not.  During the pandemic I focused on two primary areas: keeping our staff safe, and responding to the changing needs and challenges experienced by the libraries we serve.

While much has changed, the core principles of HSLC remain the same: to lift up libraries and shine a light on their importance in our communities and society. HSLC has embarked on a new chapter in our company’s history as we launch new service initiatives to support libraries in Pennsylvania and beyond.  Our goal is not to make money; it’s to make a difference.  HSLC stands ready to assist libraries with our professional networks, our Standards for Excellence accreditation, and our knowledgeable staff. 

I invite you to visit our re-designed website, and to participate in our upcoming webinar series focusing on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging within a 21st Century, Post-pandemic library environment.

We are HSLC.

How can we help your library?

Maryam Phillips, Executive Director